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Additional information

All the Professional Photography Studios listed on this website have agreed to supply Makeover Photo shoots and Portrait Photo shoots at a special one-off price for your benefit.

We aim to build a network of Photo shoot suppliers across the UK offering the same package deal of photo shoot and print for a much reduced price.

The two types of photo shoots available to buy from Photo Shoot Gifts are:

  • Makeover Photo shots (includes hair and makeup)
  • Portrait Photo shoots

The Portrait photo shoots can be of

  • Family photo shoots
  • Baby photo shoots
  • Child photo shoots
  • Pet photo shoots

Some studios have restrictions on some of these experiences but these will be clearly displayed on each of the studios ‘Showcase Page’

Please feel free to click on any of the links above and have a look at some of the featured studios. We only allow studios onto this website who are full time professional Photographers who have their own photography studios. We do this to ensure purchasers know what to expect and are not troubled by not getting sessions due to poor weather or photographers not able to book space at hired locations.

Please bookmark this page and keep checking back to see new studios being added.