Family photographs

family photographs

Family photos preserve family memories, which is the reason they’re among our most cherished possessions. Probably the greatest use made of the average camera is in photographing family members and family activities. We take photos of new family members from the second of their arrival in this world, sometimes as they are actually arriving. We document milestone events – birthday celebrations, graduations, enlistments, achievements, marriage ceremonies, anniversaries and the like – and bring out the camera when relatives visit or when we travel to see them. We take pictures of family family trips, our children’s participation in school plays and sports events, their Costumes for halloween, their first dates and also their first cars.

Why do we do it?

Because the camera permits us to record and preserve family memories. For many people, the family photo album is among our most important possessions, and it increases in value as time goes by..

 Picture Quality

Surprisingly, for something that has so much importance in our lives, the family album is often filled with poor quality images. We treasure them nonetheless, overlooking their lack of technical and artistic merit in favor of their content. An underexposed, fuzzy image of a newborn baby can trigger the same memories years later as would a sharp, well-composed image.

But, think of how much more enjoyable our recollection of events would be if our family images were all good photographs.

Professional Portrait photography is much more affordable now, and digital photography has only added more creative opportunities for professional photographers. The true skill to capturing that magical image doesn’t reside in the camera equipment and lighting gear, they are simply tools to use. The skill is in the eye of the photographer, skill built up from years of service, and perfecting of techniques to get the best from their models.

Check out your local photograph for as little as £20, and find out what your missing.