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Showcasing your studio on this website, provides a unique opportunity to generate new customers with no risk or wasted advertising spend

It’s Free to advertise

It is completely FREE to feature on this site, no customer means no fee. Many other lead generators charge in excess of £25 per lead plus other fees, including annual charges even if they don’t delivery many leads to you. Directories on the other hand, charge a flat fee regardless of you getting any custom from it or not.

Look at our service as just another opportunity to get customers into your business. The internet provides a great marketing opportunity particularly in local markets, and having multiple sources of lead generation is a must for on-line business success.

Great Up-sell opportunity

Unlike group discount providers our offer is not based on giving increasingly absurd discounts to customers, while at the same time lowering the perceived value of what you offer, and making the up-sell opportunity increasing difficult and less profitable. We have just one print offers available at a good discount but not a complete give away. Our offer provides a great opportunity for you to up-sell, and gives the customer an incentive to sample your service and see the quality of your work.

Enjoy the benefits of PPC for Free

Advertising with us allows you to tap into PPC marketing without the cost and risk. We do the management of PPC to increase income generating traffic for you…and for free.

Only for the best

Our service is limited to full time professionals who work out of a full time studio. Location only based photographers are not invited onto the site. This means that our customers are dealing with professionally competent service providers who have a good standing in their local community and have the experience of visiting a purpose build photography studio.

Block out your competitors

Stay ahead of your local competition by getting the one and only spot for your town. Your competitors will be locked out for as long as you continue to showcase your studio on the site, giving you a big advantage in your local market. Don’t be on the outside looking in.

Run by photographers for photographers

This site is run by photographers and we believe our offer is a win win situation for all parties, which makes it sustainable and beneficial for the industry that we all love and cherish. Rest assured that our aim is to help the industry, to promote it and to nurture it. We hate to see the Photography industry devalued by thrid party companies that promote it’s devaluation in the eyes of the customers that are needed to support it. Join us and help us help you.

How does it work?

We intend to sell vouchers for a range of photography services centrally from our website (revenue from which we will retain and reinvest in the site) and forward the contact details of the paying clients to you to contact and provide service (very hot leads). This is a no risk proposition for each studio showcased on the site. We intend to advertise your service on your behalf with a mixture of SEO and PPC strategies, which will be funded by selling the gift vouchers from our site.

What to do next

If you’ve already provided your contact details to us, you will hear within the next 7 days if you have been successfully approved, alternatively If you would like to be considered to appear on the site and have not yet provided your details, please forward them to us by filling in the form below or emailing us at (providing your name, email and website) and we will be in touch to let you know if you have been approved, at which point we will ask for 10 images and some promotional text for your feature page, and that’s it, you’ll be on board. We hope you will find our service invaluable…what have you got to lose by trying?

Photography Studio Testimonial

Aug 21, 2015 by Sandra Ford

“This must be one of the easiest and most cost effective methods of getting quality leads into our studios.   It is simplicity in itself, customers get a fabulous deal on professional photography and we get all the details we need from Photoshoot gifts by email; its then down to us to book the session;  there is no faffing around or fees; it is really a no brainer.  We get lovely emails and fab communication from Wendy at PHOTOSHOOT gifts with all the client  information and any queries are responded to very quickly.  Customer service is great.  The leads we have been getting are of good quality, and we really appreciate the work that goes into getting these to us – excellent; thank you so much!”